Lenten Bible Guide – Week 2



IMG_5112Monday, March 6 – John Chapter 6. Jesus’ multiplication miracle echoes the theme from last week’s reading where he turned water into wine: Jesus takes what looks ordinary and insufficient and makes it abundant. He surprises us with the quality of what he provides. A few paragraphs later, he claims, “Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again.” What does it mean that we’ve come to him, and yet we’re hungry?



Prayer ideas: For Jesus to take what you have and multiply it. For nothing in your life to be wasted. Understanding of what it means to spend energy on things of eternal worth. True satisfaction of your hunger. To believe and know that Jesus is the Holy One of God.







Tuesday, March 7 – John Chapter 7. Jesus’ brothers push him to do more public miracles because they don’t believe him. It’s tough to believe what you’ve seen when other people haven’t had the same experiences. And yet that’s what we’re called to.



Prayer ideas: Eyes to see what Jesus is doing wherever you go. Courage to speak favorably about Jesus in public, to testify. For rivers of Living Water – God’s Holy Spirit – to flow from your heart. To be steadfast in times of division.








Wednesday, March 8 – John Chapter 8. Jesus offers a way for sin to be uncovered and dealt with, without shame. There’s no other offer like it.


Prayer ideas: To experience mercy and true freedom from sin. Faithfulness. The light that leads to life. To do what God teaches & tells us – what pleases Him. To know the truth and live freely.








Thursday, March 9 – John Chapter 9. “We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us,” Jesus says. When you sense God prompting you, how do you respond?



Prayer ideas: Faith for the power of God to be seen in impossible circumstances. Boldness and courage to testify even when it’s costly. The ability to see.








Friday, March 10 – John Chapter 10. The title shepherd designates a specific role. When Jesus says that He is your Shepherd, this is a promise to lead, guide, cherish, feed and protect you.



Prayer ideas: Healing from abandonment. Capacity to respond to Jesus’ voice. Receptivity to each aspect of Jesus’ Shepherding.







Saturday, March 11 – John Chapter 11. Jesus brings light to the darkest place – death. But it takes longer than expected. Later he says, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.” This is a rather remarkable promise. Do you believe him?


Prayer ideas: Faith in seasons of delay. To see God’s glory as we believe. To be raised from the dead and made alive again. To continue God’s work even when others are jealous, threatened, or pulling people in other directions. Freedom from distraction.







Sunday, March 12 – John Chapter 12. Mary takes a cherished possession and uses it to show devotion to her Savior. Later we’re told, “But despite all the miraculous signs Jesus had done, most of the people still did not believe in him…”



Prayer ideas: To be one of the ones who believe. To be extravagant (and confident) in trusting Jesus with what is most valuable to you. For God’s Glory.





As you read each of these passages, ask:

What do I see here that I want to pray for myself?

What do I see here that I want to pray for specific people in my life?

What do I see here that everyone needs, that I want to pray for all of us?

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